Linear Power Supplies Sound Demos

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If you're looking to buy an audiophile power supply, this bundle might help you make a purchasing decision. I basically sat down for over 12 hours straight, swapping in and out power supplies - and hitting the play and record button by hand. The power supplies were plugged into a JCAT XE USB PCI card. 

There are seven snippets of music per power supply. Along with the obvious relative differences, I was actually able to hear some of the subtle cues mentioned in the review as well. So, although not ideal, I believe there's some value in having these recordings. All files are recorded in WAV for a completely uncompressed sound.

Now, there's no guarantee you'll be able to hear the differences on YOUR stereo with YOUR ears. Using headphones is recommended but I was able to hear the differences on my 2-channel system.

14 power supply sound demos in this bundle:

- Farad Super3

- Fidelizer Nikola2


- Mojo Audio Illuminati V3

- JCAT Initio 3 

- Uptone Audio JS2

- JCAT Optimo 3 Duo

- Plixir Elite BDC 

- SBooster

- Shanti Dual Linear Ultra Low Noise PSU

- Sean Jacobs DC4

- Paul Hynes SR4, SR4-12, and SR7

These recordings were made with a Chord Electronics DAVE DAC, Chord Electronics Hugo M Scaler, and LTA Z40 amplifier. To better isolate the environment, the Meze Empyrean headphones were used with a MiniDSP HEARS recorder. Since we're just looking for relative differences, I figured this setup will suffice.

Note: I might've hit the recording button a little late or early due to fatigue but there should be enough music in there to make a comparison. Please let me know if you run into any issues.


You'll get 98 snippets of music from 14 power supplies for listening comparisons.

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Linear Power Supplies Sound Demos

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